Twin Stim

Twin Stim III Digital Unit

InTENSity Twin Stim III Digital TENS and Muscle Stimulator is the next generation combination TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator in the InTENSity line of powerful, durable and professional TENS and muscle stimulator systems.

This beautiful digital combination TENS and EMS device has four modes of TENS including the burst mode, normal mode, modulation 1 and modulation 2. This array of TENS modes cover all the bases when it comes to reducing pain and increasing endorphin production to help with lasting relief. The electromuscle stimulation side of the Twin Stim III boasts three modes of very stable muscle stimulationincluding synchronous, asynchronous and delay modes. The unique electronic circuitry makes this one of the most comfortable electrotherapeutic modality systems known today. The muscle stimulation unit is primarily used for muscle spasm control and preventing disuse atrophy or muscle wasting. The wider pulse width allows this device to elicit strong muscle contractions allowing for increased blood circulation and reduced edema on a regular basis.