Cervical Traction Unit

Theratrac Cervical Traction Unit

The Theratrac Cervical traction system provides an even decompression of the anterior and posterior cervicaldiscs, while supporting the spinal curve. The Theratrac cradles the head and neck via a curvature in the neck portion of the device, as well asa special head rest section that is vertically pneumatic. The headrest creates a cushion for the user while in traction. Both the headrest and neck region, inflate with over 30 lbs of adjustable pneumatic pressureto create traction in the cervical curve. This allows the cervical vertebrae to space evenly. The lateral incline for the head is pneumatically adjustable from 0 to 15 degrees.

Product Features

» Portable, comfortable and convenient
» Offers over 30lbs. of adjustable pneumatic pressure
» Exerts no pressure on the temporomandibular joint
» No assembly required – free standing frame

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