Lumbar Orthosis Brace

BraceBack is a small, light-weight design, fully padded, rigid anterior and posterior panels, lumbar orthosis. It extends from Ll to below LS vertebra, with panels to provide spinal support and generating intracavitary pressure, thereby reducing the load on the intervertebral discs. The rigid anterior and posterior panels, feature; bilateral opposing forces and a lumbar arc, constructed of polyblendplastic.



Easy to use

Easy to use single fabric straps with simple Velcro attachments for closure, enabling ease of application and removal. Patients can quickly adjust the supportive BraceBack, thereby obtaining the desired level of comfort and accommodating all sizes including a pendulous abdomen.



Neutral Spine Posture

The BraceBack encourages a neutral spine posture and helps allow patients to participate in a more active lifestyle.



How to Wear

The BraceBack should be worn comfortably tight to attain the best results and may be worn while sitting, standing, sleeping, driving, playing golf, tennis or gardening, etc.