BackStim Garment System

Lumbar Conductive Garment System

The Back-Stim Wrap is a lumbar support belt with 4 pre-positioned conductive steel snaps on the back panel. Lead wires from the stimulator attach to the snaps on the outside of the belt. Current is conducted through the snaps to special double-sided pre-gelled electrode pads that are applied to the smooth surface of the snaps inside the belt. The pads conduct the current to the skin, and can be repositioned. Ideal for patients who have difficulty placing electrodes in the lumbar region by themselves, or difficulty keeping conventional electrodes in place. Constructed with a breathable back panel and made of washable neoprene and nylon. Available in Standard and Large sizes, with optional 12″ belt extender. Includes 1 pkg of 4 Ultra-Stim #US2020 double sided gelled electrodes, and 4 pin-to-snap adapters.